JavaScript beginners: Learn JavaScript without feeling afraid, overwhelmed, or confused

You know JavaScript is important.

With enough JavaScript skills, you can build components from scratch without spending hours googling and modifying existing components.

You can feel confident in JavaScript interviews, giving you a better chance to get the frontend development job you’ve been dreaming for.

But as you read JavaScript tutorials, you feel you can’t understand the material no matter how hard you try. You feel your confidence level waver.

You may even feel scared, stupid and utterly confused. Maybe you end up asking yourself: “Can I really learn JavaScript?”.

Let me tell you, you can learn JavaScript.

In this free email course on JavaScript, you’ll follow a roadmap to help you understand JavaScript in the shortest time possible, including:

  • A simple 4-step process you can follow to learn JavaScript. This process will save you years of wasted effort from going in the wrong direction.
  • How to avoid 3 learning traps in JavaScript that leave you feeling confused, paralyzed, or overwhelmed.
  • Lessons on how to choose what to learn (like vanilla JS, React, Node, etc.), why learn them, when to learn them and how to learn them, so you no longer feel helpless when you don’t understand documentations.
  • Instructions on what to learnand simple questions to test your understanding – so you know your JavaScript fundamentals are strong enough to tackle any JavaScript challange you may face.

I invite you to grab your JavaScript Roadmap if you’re interested to learn JavaScript without feeling afraid, confused, or overwhelmed. Leave your name and email address below, and you’ll get everything sent to your inbox over the next three weeks.

Get your JavaScript roadmap to learn JavaScript without feeling afraid, confused or overwhelmed

When I stumbled on Zell’s articles, I was looking for in-depth tutorials. His articles helped me solve critical problems I had while completing an assignment for a job application. As a result, I got a front end web dev job abroad, in the wonderful city of Lausanne in Switzerland!

What I loved about his work is that they’re really detailed but not overwhelming. He guides the reader slowly from basics to more advanced concepts, step by step, taking time to make sure everything gets well understood before going deeper. He understands my needs, offers solutions, but doesn’t force me into a one. Pierre Wizla, frontend developer

Here’s what you’ll learn

JavaScript Roadmap is an email course that will teach you lessons below. Each lesson is brief and clear, showing you a path to learn JavaScript without you feeling afraid, overwhelmed or confused.

  1. How to fight fear, overwhelm, confusion and JavaScript fatigue
  2. How to learn JavaScript with rocket speed
  3. How to learn JavaScript from scratch without any coding experience
  4. How to master the DOM and start building real things
  5. How to improve your JavaScript fundamentals
  6. How to choose JavaScript libraries and frameworks to learn
  7. How to choose what to learn next on your JavaScript Roadmap.

Kind words from others

I don’t have testimonials for JavaScript Roadmap yet, but I will shortly. In the meantime, here are some kind words people have said about my work:

I’ve been writing software for 20 years, long enough to know that getting expert, thorough and well written help on new topics was hopeless. People like Zell, who go out and become experts, then work hard to teach others like me are the reason software is easier fun to write these days. I’d gladly pay for the excellent content that Zell produces – it’s so much more efficient to learn from experts like him. Eric Gaut, software engineer

I like Zell’s explanation style and ability to split complicated stuff into chewable fragments. The explanation itself does not make me feel a bit stupid. On the contrary, I got it, so I’m able to move forward. Vladimir, frontend developer

Zell is a very talented developer with in-depth knowledge of various front-end technologies and tools. He’s not only proficient at his work, but he also regularly shares his knowledge with the community. His books and articles are so well written and so full of useful information that I would recommend them to everyone in the web development industry. Zoran Jambor, CSS Weekly curator

Zell Liew

About your teacher

Hey, I’m Zell. I’ve helped over 30,000 developers like yourself learn about frontend development every month.

Like you, I was deathly afraid of JavaScript when I first started. I couldn’t understand it. Nothing I read would register in my head. I used to think that’s because I don’t have a programming background.

But that’s not true. After becoming fluent with JavaScript, I realized that anyone can become good at it. I want to help you understand how to to become fluent in JavaScript without feeling afraid, overwhelmed or confused.

Zell has been featured in:
CSS Tricks, net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint
CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint, net Magazine,

Want to learn JavaScript without feeling afraid, overwhelmed, or confused?

Get your JavaScript roadmap to learn JavaScript without feeling afraid, confused or overwhelmed

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